Build your plant in a 3D environment

Kga Offline Center offers simulation with specially developed software for that 3D simulation of robot stations.

  • Customize new products under development.
  • Perform unique testing environment.
  • Test run, troubleshoot and identify deficiencies.

Off-line programming increases your profitability

When the robot stations produce will earn the company money.
”Just in time” planning / production?
The optimum is to manufacture exactly what is sold. The company wants profit margin does not store charge. This requires rapid adjustments in production.


Optimal quality?

The robot requires good working angles to give the best output quality.


Faster, simpler robot programming?

It is quite difficult to on-line programming MultiMove systems with multiple robots and positioners. These systems are becoming more common because of high production capacity.


Shorter start-up period at the newly acquired robot stations?

Would not it be great if robotic programs were completed while final assembly.

3D Simulering av robotmiljö

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