Training ArcWelding PowerPac 2 edu6033

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Learn ArcWelding PowerPac 2

ArcWelding PowerPac 2 (AWPP 2) is an add-on to RobotStudio, which is a unique, geometry based off-line programming tool for generating arc welding programs.
The programmer defines weld locations on the CAD geometries and the system automatically creates robot positions in relation to that geometry including approach and departure positions.
It is now possible to use virtual reality with AWPP 2. This will not be included in this course. But after this course just read the help file in AWPP 2 and you will manage VR functions.

  • Maximizing the company’s return
  • Training in English
  • The program requires no real robot
  • In download, application, instruction films, pdf material, see film


Education when it suits you

Follow the training sections and you will be able to start programming an arc welding robot system.

  • A very good training covering the main elements of AWPP2.
  • The training is in English.
  • You run the training when it suits you, do not interfere with daily production.
  • The program requires no real robot.
  • The program is cost effective and easy to repeat.
  • Your teacher is the training application with lots of instructional videos.


A unique new training

The education application that comes with the training package is adapted so that the exercises can be performed just as you participated in a training class. ABB RobotStudio software has features that are fantastic when it comes to offline programming. RobotStudio and ArcWelding PowerPac 2 can be downloaded from the ABB web site and can run for 30 days without a license. The app describes exercises of the training material and automatically shows video tutorials.


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