Kga Offline Center has performed robotic courses at different schools. Training has been effective robotic history, online programming and off-line programming. Kga Offline Center has also carried out many customized corporate training. This experience has now led to the development of the downloadable programs that can be downloaded from the website.

The education sector

Off-line programming of a robot station consisting of two robots, motion systems 2 and 2 positioners. Here it is important to distribute the welds in a good way so that the robots work as much as possible simultaneously. With this operation, so the cycle time is minimized. By using software RS Weld Planner (available for download on the website) so the mission could be implemented in a very good way.

Successful mission

Simulation of a robot station containing four robots, positioners and machinery. The station handles materials and welding. The purpose of the simulation was to check the accessibility and production flows. After simulation created a dimensioned 3D layout. The station is currently in operation and works very well.

Station operating

Kga Offline Center creates PC applications where the operator to specify their measure of detail. Once the input data is finished, simply press a button and a ready robot porgram can be downloaded to the robot station. Kga Offline Center has worked with this approach when it comes to milling with robot. In this way, operators can create robot programs in a very simple way.

PC software to operator

A robot plant that assembles products had problems with error handling. If the robot dropped a detail that got the whole product to be filled manually. Kga Offline Center charged the actual program in RobotStudio and improved error handling. All work could be carried out without disrupting ongoing production. Today, the station at full speed.

Improved error handling